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Ganpati Graphics was established in 1979 in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

Ganpati Graphics was founded by Shri Naresh Kumar Agarwal, a Chartered Accountant, and later joined by Shri K.K. Gupta as a partner. Currently, the company is managed by Shashank Gupta and Malay Agarwal.

Ganpati Graphics plans to expand with one unit in Neemrana and one unit in Jammu.

Ganpati Graphics is committed to complying with all environmental norms and regulations while implementing responsible manufacturing practices.

Ganpati Graphics has made the highest machinery investment within a 300 km radius of Kanpur.

Ganpati Graphics offers a wide range of flute options, including Flute A, B, C, and E, for packaging rigidity.

Ganpati Graphics implements a 100% computer-controlled process to achieve precise and uniform glue application.

Ganpati Graphics emphasises having a diversified supplier base, with the share of business allocated to each manufacturer/supplier being 40-50%.

Ganpati Graphics utilises technology that meets EU standards for flute formation and stress-free paper handling.

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No. 43, Gumti, No. 5 Chaman Lal Market, Kanpur - 208012, Kanpur Nagar, Uttar Pradesh, India

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